Tailored Solutions

Bactech's unique formulations of selected bacteria, amino acids and trace minerals is a three pronged approach in effectively treating agricultrual and industrial waste water, by increasing beneficial bacterial growth and enhancing water quality.

Bactech's range of products will increase efficiency and provide benefits such as the removal of noxious odours and foaming, reduce sludge production, control blue-green algae, duck weed and other aquatic vegetation, increase settlement and provide a better quality effluent, overall reducing the operating cost of the system.

By using Bactechs unique(change) formulation of selected bacteria of amino acidss and oxygenation, we can craft a solution talilored to your unique circumstances.

Waste water can become a valuable resource when using a bacterial treatment method, so it can be safely recycled. Waste water treated with bacteria can be reused in industrial processes and agricultural applications, and municipalities have incorporated waste water when irrigating golf courses and parks and to flush toilets and fight fires, saving potable water for human consumption and keeping rivers healthy.


Bactech 362

Bactech 362 is designed to treat a broad spectrum of industry waste water with high organic loading. 

BacTech 362 is a proven, cost effective and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment. BacTech 362 will not harm fish or other aquatic life. It comes in 250g soluble bags that dissolve easily and safely on contact with water negating the need for costly infrastructure spending.

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Bactech 323

Bactech 323 is designed to target Industrial Waste Water in the mining and manufacturing industries. Waste Water produced by these industrial sectors is typically high in hydrocarbons and can usually only be treated with chemical agents that only partially reduce hydocarbons present in the water. The bio-bacteria present in Bactech 323, digest hydrocarbons leaving only H20 and CO2 as a by-product.

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