Plastic Particulate Recycler

Vast improvement in operations of a WWTP at plastics recycling facility through use of bio-bacterial waste water treatment and plant equipment upgrades


Back Ground

  • In November 2016 Bactech (a Waste Water Division of Bio Natural Solutions - BNS) was asked to inspect the WWTP at a plastic recycling facility.
  • The plant was experiencing severe odour issues and had a build-up of sludge in the primary treatment tank.
  • Although the plant was designed to be able to recycle and reuse its wash water, this was not possible due to the pollluted nature of the water.
  • This resulted in the company having to import 9600 litres of potable water per week, as well as discharge a similar amount to the sewer.
  • In an attempt to soften the water, the were also using $5000 of Alum per annum.


  • Having inspected the system, BNS ascertained that the system was a suitable candidate for treatment with Bactech 362.
  • A weekly dosing schedule was proposed and agreed upon.
  • A recommendation was made and implemented to double the capacity of the system through the addition of another 3000 litre tank.


  • Within 3 days, the noxious odours had been eliminated.
  • Within 3 weeks the sludge already present in the system had been digested.
  • The plant is now able to recycle 100% of its wash water, reducing the amount of potable water being imported to 80 litres a week.
  • Alum is no longer required.


  • ClientPlastic Recycling Facility
  • Date06 Oct 2016
  • CategoriesIndustry