Bactech brings the latest advancements in with bio-bacterial technology, for waste water treatment applications across the Industrial, Agricultural and Municipal sectors Australia-wide. 

By providing cost effective solutions that work with, and enhance existing infrastructure - decreasing, or even eliminating the need for hazardous chemicals, has helped make Bactech the standard in the Waste Water Treatment industry, in Australia today.

Our expert analysts and waste water technicians, will carefully examine your existing waste water management practices, equipment and environment, collect samples and working closely with your NATA approved laboratory, test and design a waste water treatment program, specific to your business’ needs.


Site Audit

Comprehensive waste water and environment assessment.


Tailored Solutions

Bactech's unique formulations of selected bacteria, amino acids and trace minerals is a three pronged approach to effectively treat agricultrual and industrial waste water. 


Plant Design and Optimisation

With many years experience servicing the waste water industry our technicians can provide you with expert advice and provide alternatives to achieving optimal performance from your waste water treatment system.


Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Laboratory analysis are performed periodically to ensure treatment is customised to suit your needs with ongoing monitoring to adapt to changes in loading.